J.O.Y.= Jesus, Others, You

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear Families
I have had three wonderful and busy days with your lovely children! Today we made a decade rosary which we brought with us to the rosary assembly. The students also took part in an earthquake drill, which they may have told you about.

Upcoming reminders:

- Tomorrow is Fitness a thon! It will be held in the gym and students should come to school in their gym strip, along with rain jackets. They can put on their gym runners once at school.
Dismissal will be at noon.

- Please send in your pledge sheets and money once they are assembled.

- Please return your signed interim reports if you have not yet done so.

- There is no school on Friday, due to a provincial Pro-D.

- Please complete the sheet titled "My Special Saint" which came home last week.
Students will be presenting their saint to the class, so going over one simple fact about the saint with your child would be helpful:)

- Your children met their new teacher today and everyone was excited!
Mrs. Fabiola Pistrin

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tomorrow is my last day and I am SAD!  I have grown to become attached to your kids. They are so wonderful and make me laugh daily.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be their teacher this last month and a half.

Tomorrow we will be going to Mass for the first time. The students are excited to sit with their buddies. Please ensure you send sweaters. THANK YOU!

Our wonderful Educational assistant Heather Burton is away for a week (will be back next Thursday) as she is going to get married.  Her new name which the students already call her is Mrs.Kebel.  We wish her all the best on her new journey!

Tomorrow I will send home your child's interim report.  If you have a question about it, feel free to email me.

As mentioned, on November 1st your child will be asked to dress up for All Saint's day as a saint. I will send home a worksheet for you tomorrow that can be returned by October 23rd.  Your child might present this closer to November 1st so please ensure they are familiar with some facts about their saint so they can feel comfortable sharing.

Thank you so much to Eli's family for the many board games and puzzles that they donated to the class. Thank you also to Sarah's family for the puzzle. The students are enjoying playing with these.

Mrs.Pistrin will be teaching for the next two weeks. She is such a genuine, loving and caring person/teacher that I know the students will feel comfortable with immediately. If you have any questions/concerns for the next two weeks, please feel free to email her at fpistrin@cloverdalecatholicschool.ca

Scholastic: Once the new teacher begins at the end of October, she will need to set things up before you will be to order again.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Update on pictures:  I thought they had arrived,  but unfortunately we are still waiting for them.  Thank you for your patience!

We are doing the letter Ss this week. S makes two sounds- "s" like ssssssilly and zzz as in the word as.

Monday, October 09, 2017

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with their families. We are SO blessed and have many things to be thankful for.

I hope you all received the note from Mr.Borkowski about me going on my leave after this Friday.  I have the student information forms for their  upcoming teacher including all allergy information so you will not need to refill these for the new teacher.

I am going to miss your kiddies so much and I thank you for your patience and support .
I ask kindly if you please pray for me as I begin this new journey. Once I know an email for Mrs.Pistrin, (our substitute for 2 weeks)I will let you know via blog.

Eva was our star student last week. The students said: 

I am thankful for you!
You are my friend!
You are nice!
You have nice hair!
You are beautiful!
You are so cute!
You are good at drawing!
You dress nicely!
You are a good friend!

Some things to note for this week:

With the changing weather, please ensure that you are sending in jackets with your child.  Lots of items, especially uniform pieces are still coming in not labelled. PLEASE label your child's items. If they take off their sweaters when outside and forget them, they go to the office- we don't know whose is whose!  When they change for gym, their uniform is at their table-it is VERY easy for them to get mixed up.  PLEASE LABEL!!!

Wednesday is Hot Lunch.

We have met our Grade 5 buddies twice already. We will be going to visit the church this week and on Friday we will attend our first school Mass. We will sit with our buddies. Please ensure your child wears full uniform on this day, including their sweaters.

On Friday, your child will receive an interim report which lets you know how they are doing thus far. Please sign and return this for the following week. If you would like to meet with me this week regarding any questions about your child, please email me as I can only make appointments this week.  THANK YOU!

I am also changing the themes around for the 2 weeks of October with Mrs.Pistrin.  The students will do bats first (week of October 15) and then pumpkins next (week of October 22)

Some things to note for the rest of the  month

October 19th : Next week is our Fitness a thon. Thank you for helping your child to get pledges and for your support with our school fundraiser!On this day, your child will be asked to dress in their gym strip (they can wear sweaters and track pants if needed). Please ensure they are wearing runners.  All activities take place on the school ground and will be fitness related.  Students rotate from station to station with their class to complete each activity.  You are welcome to join the class or volunteer on this day to get some hours.

October 20th: Province wide Professional day

If your child has not taken a school photo or you want a retake, please send me an email before this Friday or otherwise, email Mrs.Pistrin when she begins. I will make a note on the board of those that need retakes.

November 1st: Your child is encouraged to dress up like their favourite Saint. I encourage you to use items at home rather than purchase costumes.There are many ideas online. Send me an email if you need further assistance.  I will send home a little worksheet for you to fill out with them that they might present to their class.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Fitness a thon- We will have an assembly on Friday for Fitness a thon and our current pledge tally. Please send me either an email/note in your child's folder about how much money they have raised. Thank you for your support with this!

Uniform: I have a few sweaters that are not labelled in the class that have been here since the beginning of the year.

Board Games: If you have any puzzles or age appropriate board games, we are looking for some for our classroom. We would greatly appreciate if you are able to donate some. Thank you!

Also, Olivia is missing her size 4 skirt. As it is brand new, it is not yet labelled. The kids change for gym and keep their uniform on their table and therefore mix ups do occur. Can you kindly check if your daughter has come home with a size 4 skirt but are supposed to have a 6.  I have your child's size 6 skirt here in the classroom.  THANK YOU!

I will be doing some more assessment with the students tomorrow morning, a substitute will be in Kindergarten for the morning.